World's Top Ten Happy Countries as per (World Happiness Report 2017)

As per World Happiness Report 2017 report Norway is the overall happiest country in the world.

Here is 10 Happiest Countries in The World :
 New Zealand
World's Top Ten Happy Countries as per (World Happiness Report 2017)

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Top Ten Larges Cricket Stadiums In India.

India  is the birth place of many sports and games.Sports and games are not just a way of recreation here.Its a way of life.Every sports teaches us  some or the other values.Chess teaches us the tricks of war and politics whereas hockey teaches us the benifit of collective team effort.We learn the art of doing our own part and passing on when time requires.There is no place to root greediness and over
confidence in games like hockey and football.In kabbadi we learn the keep a watch and try keeping ourselves out of our enemys reach.

All these games are played in some part or other of the country.But Cricket is such one game which is played in all corners of India.It is infact at the heart of almost all Indians.Matches here are not just sporting events  but festivals ,which every Indian irrelevant of their caste ,creed and place of worship celebrate.Infact this is the one thing that unites us all.Gully form of cricket is extremely popular,as they have give
the country,its most successful cricketting stars.As the game is so popular in India,its quite natural for india to have many famous cricket stadiums,which are not only large in their capacity but also equiped with world class features.
Some stadiums like the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium holds the record for being the highest cricket ground in the world.Here i have tried listing the top ten largest cricket stadiums in India.

10)Wankhede Stadium,Maharashtra.

-Built in 1974 this ground is  famous being the home cricket ground of the demi god of Cricket,Sachin Tendulkar.These cricket ground has many unforgettable memories associated with it.This is the ground were Ravi shastri hit six sixes in an over.This is the same ground where the Indian team under the captaincy of MS Dhoni,won its second world cup title.Going by memories and fame this ground is definately number 1,but by capacity of 33,108 it manages at number 10.

9)M A Chidambaram Stadium

M A Chidambaram Stadium or Chepauk Stadium is a cricket stadium in Chennai, India. The stadium was established in 1916 and it is the oldest continuously used cricket stadium in
the country. Named after M A Chidambaram, former President of BCCI, the stadium was formerly known as Madras Cricket Club Ground.This is the ground where India recorded their first test victory, in their 24th match, against England in 1952.Virendra Sehwag marked 319 runs on the
scoreboard  in april, 2008 playing againts S.Africa Sachin scored more runs here than any other grounds .With the seating capacity of this stadium is ranked at number 9.

8)M. Chinnasamy Stadium 38,300

Formerly known as the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) stadium,the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium was later rechristened in tribute to Mr. M. Chinnaswamy, who had served the KSCA for four decades and was also president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) from 1977–1980.
The 3rd Test Match between India Vs Pakistan in 2007,a lead of 300 run partnership between Dada and Yuvi was shaped,resulting in a  fightback from 61/4 breaking several records. India's 365/5 at stumps was the highest 1st day score in whole of India.Ganguly's 239 is the highest left-hander score and the 300 run partnership was the highest partnership at the stadium and the highest left-hander batsmen partnership.
This stadium with a official capacity to host 38300 spectators is ranked at number 8.

7)Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium also known as New VCA stadium is a cricket ground built in 2008 located in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Often termed the best in terms of facilities, the facilities at these stadium are far better than any other across the country. Apart from all modern facilities ,these stadium also caters to host a capacity of 45,000.These puts the stadium at number 7

6)Trivandrum International Stadium .

Trivandrum International Stadium or Greenfield Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Kerala.The playing arena in the stadium has been constructed in line with FIFA regulations and International Cricket Council norms.Used mainly for association football and cricket,these stadium can host 50,000 spectators along with a open car parking space of 2000.These big numbers put the stadium at number 6.

5)Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Located in Uppal, an eastern suburb of Hyderabad, this is the home ground for the Hyderabad Cricket Association. It has a capacity of 55,000 spectators presently and extends across 16 acres (65,000 m2) of land. Established in 2003,this  cricket stadium stands at number 5.

4)DY Patil Stadium

DY Patil Stadium, located in Nerul,Maharashtra was officially inaugurated on 4 March 2008.This stadium is the home ground of the Mumbai Indians,IPL team.The entire ground has bucket seats and cantilever roofs that eliminate the need for columns which gives each spectator  a comfortable and clear viewing experience. . The largest sports venue by capacity in Mumbai this stadium can host a strength of 56,000 heads.

3)Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium.


Locally known as Kaloor International Stadium this stadium is a multipurpose international stadium situated in Kochi, Kerala. The stadium acts as the home ground for teams including Kerala cricket team. Build in 1996 with a capacity of approximately 61,000,this is infact one of the largest stadiums in India. With such large capacity, we place the stadium a number 3.

2)Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International  Stadium

Inaugurated in 2008,the stadium is named after Veer Narayan Singh a landlord from Sonakhan who spearheaded the 1857 war Indian independence in Chhattisgarh.The stadium is tthe homeground for the Chattisgarh CricketTeam.This stadium has a massive seating capacity of 65,000 and is infact the 2nd largest in the whole country.

1)Eden Gardens

Established in 1864 this stadium is the home venue of the Bengal cricket team and the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL, as well as being a venue for Test, ODI and T20I matches.
With a seating capacity of 66,349,it is the largest cricket stadium in India, and the second-largest cricket stadium in the world just behind the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The stadium is widely acknowledged to be one of the most iconic cricket stadiums in the world. The stadium has hosted
matches in all major competitions including the World Cup, World Twenty20 and Asia Cup.Largest in India ,the Stadium hosts almost 67000 spectators.This figures clearly puts the stadium at the top of all.

Currently the largest cricket stadium in the world is in Melbourne,but soon this  title too might change with the rise of the new proposed stadium with the capacity to host almost 1.1 lakh spectators at Motera.

Note :This ranking is based on the official seating capacity of the listed stadiums.The actual crowd however is more than the official capacity ,most of the times.


Top Ten Largest Dam In India

India is a country of diverse cultural and natural occurences.Different parts of the country have different terrain and geographical structures.The Northeast is covered in mountains.Mayswaram in Cherrapunji hold the record for being the wettest place on earth.The northern part is covered by the mighty Himalayas,the largest and the highest mountain ranges in the world.These Himalayan ranges are the source of many perenial rivers that flow through the country.
Falling from the heights, water of  this rivers carry enough potential energy to  generate electricity.
Sometimes when it rains heavily the plains are flooded and when there aren't enough rains ,the valley suffers drought like conditions .Both these conditions are not favourable.The idea to tap the free flow of these rivers,to tackle both floods and droughts were quickly taken up.
 Dams now,are the most important source of  irrigation,flood  control mechanism and that of electricity generation.Dams are  the heart of any Hydro electric projects.
Till date some key points  on the paths of these rivers are already tapped for many projects,but most still remain to be used.Among the ones already used ,there are some with large capacity while some could cater only small needs.
Here i shall try to rank  them according to their installed capacity.

10)Cheruthoni Dam ,Kerela
9)Indira Sagar Dam ,Madhya Pradesh.
8)Krishna Raja Sagar Dam ,Karnataka.
7)Mettur Dam ,Tamil Nadu
6)Bisalpur Dam ,Rajasthan
5)Koyna Dam ,Maharashtra
4)Maithon Dam ,Jharkhand
3)Rihand Dam ,Uttar Pradesh
2)Tunga Bhadra Dam ,Karnataka.
1)Bhavani Sagar Dam,Tamil Nadu.

10)Cheruthoni Dam ,Kerela

-Located at Idukki in Kerela,this dam was opened in 1976.The dam was made under the Idukki hydro electric project along with two other dams at iddukki and kulamavu with Canadian aid.The 132 m tall concrete dam has a lenght of 650m and has the total holding volume of 17,00,000 cu.m The dam along with the dam at iddukki and kulavu forms a single largest reservoir of 60 sq km surface area.

 9)Indira Sagar Dam ,Madhya Pradesh.

The Indirasagar Dam is a multipurpose project  dam located at Narmadanagar, Mundi in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh in India. The foundation stone of the project was laid by late Smt Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India on 23 October 1984. The construction of main dam started in 1992. The dam is a 92 m high and 653 m long concrete gravity dam with  the storing capacity of 12,200,000,000 min total.

8)Krishna Raja Sagar Dam ,Karnataka.

This dam located in Mandya,in karnataka was built across river Kaveri in 1924.The 125ft tall and 3.5 km long dam is the main source of water across the districts of mysore.The dam has a reservoir with a total holding volume of 1.38753 billion  cubic metre.

7)Mettur Dam ,Tamil Nadu.

The Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India. Built in 1934, in a gorge, where the River Kaveri caters to provide  irrigation facilities to parts of Salem, the length of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirappali and Thanjavur district for 271,000 acres  of farm land.
The  dam is 120 ft tall and 1,700 metres long and has a total capacity of 93.4 billion cubic feet .

6)Bisalpur Dam ,Rajasthan

The Bisalpur dam was constructed in the 1990s by the Rajasthan state government.
The project was co-financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). .The dam is a 130ft high and  574 metre long structure with a total holding capacity of 1,100,000,000 m3 .The total surface area of its reservoir is  218.36 km2 .

5)Koyna Dam ,Maharashtra

Constructed on Koyna River, the Koyna Dam is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra, India. This rubble-concrete dam  rises to a height of 103.2 m (339 ft) and has a Length of 807.2 m (2,648 ft) .The total holding capacity of the dam is 2,797,400,000 m3 and has a surface area of  891.78 sq km.

4)Maithon Dam ,Jharkhand

Constructed on the Barakar River in Maithon,Jharkhand ,the dam has a total height of  165 ft (50 m) and is 4,789 m long.The dam was specially designed for flood control.The total surface area is of 65 sq km .

3)Rihand Dam ,Uttar Pradesh

Rihand Dam also known by the name Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar, is a concrete gravity dam located at Pipri in Sonbhadra District in Uttar Pradesh, India.  Constructed on the Rihand River which is the tributary of the Son River ,the dam has a height of 91.44 m and a length of 934.21m.
Constructed during period 1954-62,the dam comprises 61 independent blocks and ground joints.
The total capacity of the dam is 10.6 billion cubic metres.

Top Ten Highest Earning Bollyhood Movies

Bollyhood is probably the largest producer of films worldwide. Every weeks there are many releases out of which only a few comes to our notice.Films with big budget and star casts,are promoted on every possible platform, be it by posters, through reality shows, as YouTube teaser out or through innovative ways like creating a new trend.

In recent times bollyhood has seen a host of films entering the prestigious 100 cr club. Although earlier this figure was thought a tough target, but with every passing year more and more films enter into this club. While some films have created their own records, others try to break them.

With these the films produced now start earning more and more giving confidence to producers to make films on different genres. Recently bollyhood is seen to go global with films like Ra-One ,KRISH and DHOOM.

Unlike that of Hollywood ,mood of viewers in India, cannot be predicted before the release.

The first ever film with  successful revenue earned was The MUGHAL-E-AZAM,then came the SHOLAY which went to be the biggest grosser,earning almost 3 times that of  MUGHAL-E-AZAM.

Then in 1994 HUM APKE HAI KAUN came and kept running in theatres for long time,becoming the first ever to cross 1 billion INR(100 cr). 

Below is a list of bollyhood hits which came to be the highest grossers of all time. 

1. PK

Made with a budget of 85 cr ,this film went to break all records.This masterpiece from Ameer khan ,still holds the record for highest earning bollyhood movie.

Gross earning: 792 cr( India: 489 cr+ Overseas: 303 cr). 

2. Dangal

Made on the life story of Mahaveer Singh Phogat,this film is currently at no. 2.This yet another masterpiece from Ameer Khan made on a modest of  budget of 70 crore,  , is all set to break  Ameer khans own record.

Gross- 683.18 crore,  (India: 499.64 cr + Overseas: 183.84 cr) 

3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Led by the stardom of the Bhaijaan of bollyhood ,Bajrangi Bhaijaan,become the first Bollywood film of 2015 to cross ₹300 crore with its net collection at the domestic box office. It took just 9 days to earn ₹200 crore from domestic box office run .Till date the film stands at no. 3 in terms of earning.

 Gross: 626 c, (India: 433 cr+ Overseas: 193 c)

 4. Sultan

Based on the story of  Sultan Ali Khan, a fictional wrestling champion from Haryana whose successful career creates a rift in his personal life,the film recently received applause from all sections and also helped reopening of many akhadas which were closed ,because people  no longer had craze for old styles of sand wrestling.Made with a budget of 70 cr ,the film did exceptionally well at all corners of India.

Gross- 589 cr, (India: 420.65 cr + Overseas: 168 cr)

5. Dhoom 3: Back in Action

 Another work from the Mr Perfectionist ,DHOOM 3,became the highest grossing Bollywood film in India and around the world by collecting over 533 cr (US$85 million) worldwide in just two weeks.

It also became the first film to cross 500cr.Made on a budget of 15o cr,these film did went to make some serious profits.

Gross- 542c,    (  India: 372cr +  Overseas: 170cr)

6.Chennai Express

The first film by Sharukh ,to make place in the list was the film which created a lot of buzz in the B-town.The famous Lungi dance made many people dance to the tune.The funny dialogues from both Sharukh and Deepika tickled us a lot. Also the action scenes by  Rohit Sethhy,did some magic. Made on  the budget of 75cr, these film Introduced first Sharukh's starrer to the top ten club.

Gross- 422cr( India: 301cr+Overseas: 121cr)

7. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Another piece of work from Salman, based on the story of a fictional character Prem who happens to be a face alike of a Rajasthani prince.This film created a lot of buzz before being released.The title song still rules the rural parts of india.Made on a budget of  80 cr,the film currently sits at number 7.

Gross- 399cr ( India: 305cr + Overseas: 93.70cr)

8.3 Idiots

Made on a modest budget of 35 crores ,the film  raised up the faults in our educational system.The character of Viru Shahastra Budhi or VIRUS played by Boman Irani was also an admirable one.The film sticks to our heart,even though it failed to remain at the top for long time.

Gross- 395cr (India: 269cr + Overseas: 126cr)

9. Happy New Year

Directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan, Happy New Year  became the 9th Highest grossing worldwide Bollywood movies and collected around INR 383 crore With lots of star performers and funny dialogues,these film made our Diwali and New Year truly a Happy one.

Gross- 385 cr,( India: 295cr + Overseas: 90cr)

10. Dilwale (2015)

Diected by Rohit Setthy the 100 cr film was starred by the famous duo of  Sharukh and Kajol .The duo did create some magic as the film earned some fair amounts which placed the film in the top ten list.

 Gross- 381 cr,( India: 213cr + Overseas: 168.58cr)


Top Ten Military Powers of the World. 2017

Every country,no matter how big or small it is maintains a force who are responsible for the country's  defences.The state police looks after internal security and make sure law and order is in place .While the army keeps the land safe from outside forces like foreign intruders,enemy nations plot etc and help keep the country's integrity in place.

To be able to keep the defence instalment in proper functioning a large amount is allocated in every countries defense budget.These fund is used to keep the forces rolling ,pays for the military equipments and also caters the reserve fund that most of the time goes secret military research programmes.

Here we are going to list the top ten military powers in the world.These rankings are made based on different criterias like defence budget,no. of air borne vehicles,fighter jets,naval ships,submarines, active military personels etc.


  Canada with a defense budget of 18.6 billion Canadian dollars is one of the strongest countries in the world . It has more than 400 aircraft and nearly 180 tanks.  Canada also has 63 navy warships making it one of the most powerful countries in the world.With nearly 1,50,000 active personel and another 
4,50,000 reaching military age annually CANADA makes  it to number  10 in the list.

Japan is one  country in the world that has faced horrors of war that are beyond words. Probably there is no other country other than japan which have rose up from these disasters and  showed how powerful  it is. With its excellence in technology japan has made itself in a respectful place in the global arena. Inspite of Tsunami and earthquakes ( up to 9.0 Richter scale) Japan developed its technology in a way to overcome this natural disasters. Today Japanese companies are leading in 

the sectors of automobiles, video gaming, animation and innovative military grade technology.With a annual defence budget of  40,300,000,000$ japan is one of the greatest military power.Japan has a total of around 680 tanks,1600 aircrafts and 130 naval ships.With these to prove its might JAPAN makes up at number 9.

Israel is considered as one of the strongest countries in the world. Israel’s Intelligence agency Mossad is considered one of the top most secret agencies in the world. Israel isolates itself when it comes to weapon transparency which makes  it difficult to predict its actual might. Israel is believed to have some of the most advanced weapons systems and technology.With its mastery in guns and UAV section Israel as a name that is often looked for.Israel has a total active personel of 790,000 japan has one of the largest army in the worlds.The total no. of aircrafts is  at 681 ,but this may just be a figure known to world while actual count may go way beyond the figure.The total no. of tanks and naval ships are 4170 and 65 respectively. With a annual defence budget of 15,600,000,000$ JAPAN makes up at  number 8.

France has been among the most powerful countries in the world since World War 1. 
French are known for their ability to strike back.The intolerance to terrorism in any form really puts this country apart from others .France has defense budget of $58 billion for 2016-17.With a 

total active personel of over 400,000 along with another 775,000 reaching military age annually ,this country has been one of the most power full nation for a long time.Total number of aircrafts france has is numbered at 1350. With over 430 tanks and 118 naval ships japan makes up at number 7.

With a past that proves the military might of the country under nazi Hitler, Germans probably have the capacity to make it to the list.Germany is a champion in armed combats and military drills. Germany has a defense budget of nearly $43 billion. With a total active personels of 3,25,000 and around 925 aircraft ,408 tanks  and navy strength of around 80 ,Germany gets a place at number 6


The country that ruled the whole world ,United Kingdom has one of the strongest military in the force. British Intelligence MI6 is one of the most powerful secret agencies in the world with its secret agents involved in many world affairs.United Kingdom has annual budget of defense around $58 Billion. With  330,000 active personels and 750,000 reaching military age annually UK makes it top top 5.It owns 1400 plus aircrafts ,over 400 tanks and has navy warships around 77.All these and a puts up UK at number 5.


In a short span of 70 plus years after gaining indepndence,India became one of the strongest countries in the world. Although, India is still a developing country but it has a strong impact in all world affairs. Except Pakistan and China, India has good relations with every other country on the planet. In fact developed world countries like Russia, United States and France consider India to be its most important ally. Recently after the Modi government came in ,relations with neighbouring nations  too ,grew deeper and better.
India’s defense budget of 2016 is $53 billion. It has around 2000 aircraft and nearly 170 navy warships.With over 3,400,000 active personel and around  a massive population of 22,900,000 reaching military age annually,India is a serious contender in the list.It has around 2000 aircraft,7000 tanks and nearly 250 navy warships.The two aircraft carriers one being still active,INDIA is ranked at number 4.


China is the most populous country in the world and also undoubtedly one of the most powerful countries in the world. Whie it is considered to become the next superpower by 2050. China plays a very important role in world’s economy.China ranks second in military budget as the country spends nearly $215 billion in defense almost 5 times to that of its neighbour,INDIA.
With over 4,600,000 active personel it is has the largest army in the world.While over 19,550,000 reaching  military age the figure looks staggering.
However comparing the population vreaching military age annually, china seems to lag behing India and as a matter of fact,India may in near future take over china , atleast in its army size.
China has around 3000 aircrafts ,10000 tanks and around 700 naval vessels along with an aircraft carrier indegineously built.With lots of firepower to boast of CHINA is placed at number 3.


Russia after the breaking down of the former USSR  has lost some of its firepower,but still it manages to remain at the top line.With over 3,300,000 active personel and 1,300,000 reaching military age annually Russian army is a sizable one .But the fire power of the country cant be measured alone with its headcount but the list of advanced weapon systems and large fleet of ,armoured vehicles,aircraft carriers,naval strength and the fleet of most advanced missile systems in the world .
The number of tanks is numbered at almost 16,000 while the numbers of aircrafts is around 3600.The total naval strength is at 350.With one of the most advance fleet in the world and massive fire power ,Russia is set to be at number 2 for atleat a decade.

1.United States.

UNITED STATES like RUSSIA do not have a firepower power by its army size but by its advance  weapon sytems fleets .After the world war america emerged to be one of the greatest super powers of the world.It currently has most of the advanced weapons manufacturing and research facilities.Infact sales of weapons systems to smaller countries makes up for  large proportion of its GDP.It is also believed to host a fleet of alien technologies .
Currently US armies headcount is at 2,500,000  catered by almost 581,000,000,000$.US army is considered to be the most advanced in the world.It also has a host of the strongest commando forces, the Marine corps.
With over 9000 tanks ,13500 aircrafts and 450 naval vessels  UNITED STATES ARMY is rightly placed as the world leader in terms of global fire power.

Top Ten Earning Celebrities in India - Top 10 Earning Celebrities List

A list of India's 100 richest celebrities includes from bollyhood,cricket and many more genres.
Shah Rukh Khan topped the list with his earnings of Rs 257.5 crores. Salman Khan has been ranked second, followed by Amitabh Bachchan on third.The list includes  cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh etc. The comedy group, All India Bakchod (AIB) made it to the list with 68th rank.

The list of ones at the top are as below....

Top Ten Economies in the World - Top 10 Economies List Worldwide

An ECONOMY is the state of a country or a region in terms of  production and consumption of goods and services as well as the liquidity.A countries economy can be scaled for comparision with that of other counterparts with its GDP i.e. Gross Domestic Product.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a  measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a time period .GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a region or a whole country , and to make comparisons with that of foreign nations.
The GDP ranking reflects the image  of a country in the international market and create a sense of financial security which in turn helps  in promoting trades(imports ,exports) and the overall relations with other countries.

The following list represents the top 10 Economies in the world in Trillion dollars.

10. Canada Economic Value- 1.7 (Trillion dollars)

Canada is home to the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world which accounts for nearly one quarter of its export value. The second largest contribution comes from banking and the handling of real estate . A significant portion of the GDP is also derived from the health care industry and education, which both directly and indirectly improve the nations economy as well as productivity.

9. Italy Economic Value –1.9(Trillion dollars)

Much like its flag, Italy’s economy is separated into three distinct sections. The north, much like its Swiss neighbor relies primarily on heavy banking and financial clout to contribute to the massive economic value of the country in addition to a fast growing engineering sector. 
In contrast, the center of Italy is primarily a manufacturing hub which contributes parts to everything from aircraft to refrigerators 
The south is known for agricultural products, including nearly a quarter of the worlds wine. With a long standing membership within the World Trade Organization and OECD, Italy is sure to remain one of the biggest economies in the world, which is more than enough reason to raise a glass.

8. Brazil Economic Value – 1.9 (Trillion dollars)

Brazil’s trade is directly related in keeping others workers moving. Whether it’s the production and transport of oil or the distribution of sugar, soya and meat. Other major areas of the Brazilian economy include mining for iron and gold and the manufacture of  parts of automobile and farm equipment.Brazil also has a very healthy tourism and services sector which employs around two thirds of the total brazilian population.

7. India Economic Value – 2.5(Trillion dollars)

The country with the second largest population is also the fastest growing economy since the mid 1990’s. After deregulation of the economy, many sectors (most notably I.T. and software enterprises) have seen expansive growth as have research and education in these fields. Consistently through the history of India, agriculture has also played a massive role in the economy. Currently this country is the single largest producer of milk and has the second largest population of cattle worldwide. An industry of particular note in India is the pharmaceutical production sector, which is expected to double in size within the next four years to $55Billion, contributing greatly to the value of the country.

Since INDIAN economy is heavily dependent on cash, as only less than half the population uses banking system for monetary transactions, DEMONITISATION  has hit trade and consumption hard. With people scrambling for cash to pay for goods and services, the move is likely to take a big toll on the country's growth and output during the current fiscal. Consumption makes up for around 56% of India's GDP , hence, a drop in spending will pull down growth.
However this drag may just be short term but the log term benifits is set to outweigh current fall.
Demonitisation is set to bring the informal indian economy which may be calculated to more than 50% of the total business to formal sector.A rise in formal form of business is predicted  to bring in more revenue which in turn may give rise to the infastructural development,which again attracts Foreign direct investments.
Again the major economic reforms, the steps to bring ease of doing business and Prime Minister, Mr.Modi's initiatives like  make in india is sure to boost theINDIAN ECONOMY in the long run.Also Pm MOdi's dream to make indian economy to grow beyond 20 trillion dollars ,is very interresting as if it comes to reality it may create major shifts in the super power status of other leading nations like US.

6. France Economic Value – 2.5(Trillion dollars)

France is  known to be one of the top tourist destinations and one of the finest wine regions . France is a powerhouse of finance. Ranked 4th in total no. of fortune 500 companies within the country. Aerospace engineering and weapons development are  major industries in France which contributes to the defense of dozens of other nations like Pakistan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. 

5. United Kingdom Economic Value – 3 (Trillion dollars)

The Economy of the United Kingdom depends on  the unique economic climates of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Britain. The finance sector is fully dominated by London and Scotland provides access to the large oil reserves .Pharmaceutical Research and Development sector is spread across all four countries.  Airbus and Rolls Royce, who are among the largest jetliner and engine manufacturers, respectively are significant contributors to the unions economic value.

4. Germany Economic Value – 3.5 (Trillion dollars)

Thanks to  highly skilled labor, high quality products and innovation ,germany is looked with hope for most of the technological challenges making it the biggest economy of Europe. Engineering, hence is one of the biggest economic sectors of the country.Germany makes up for 90% of the worlds premium vehicles.It also places itself as the worlds fifth largest exporter of military technology. A major boost to the economy is also added by the worlds largest chemical engineering and manufacturing plant located  in Germany.

3. Japan Economic Value – 4.3(Trillion dollars)

 Hard work and dedication to career goals always pays right, and this seems true atleast for JAPAN .While JAPAN has a limited amount of natural resources ,Japan has been the seen to lead the world in emerging technologies. With over half of its total exports relating directly to computing and  transportation technologies, Japan is now a name for innovation and research. Japanese company Toyota nearly contributes to about 10% of the countries economic value. 

2. China Economic Value – 12(Trillion dollars)

China the single largest manufacturing economy in the world,with largest agritultural and distribution sectors each employing nearly 300 million individual makes the country economy large.China is an interesting case for a vast majority of profits are made by the public sector,and not by private firms

1. United States Economic Value –  19(Trillion dollars)

The United States economy is one of the most diversified,It has one of the largest number of small business enterprises.This can be creditted to the large force of technological entrepreneurs from around the world .The silicon valley as it is the magnet of young talents from around the world.Most of the largest earning e companies are based in United states.Companies like microsoft,facebook, intel etc are always the major contributors.The gambling heaven of las vegas and the studios of Hollyhood can also be creditted to the major building blocks in the countries rise as a economic super power.

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