Top Ten Economies in the World - Top 10 Economies List Worldwide

An ECONOMY is the state of a country or a region in terms of  production and consumption of goods and services as well as the liquidity.A countries economy can be scaled for comparision with that of other counterparts with its GDP i.e. Gross Domestic Product.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a  measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a time period .GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a region or a whole country , and to make comparisons with that of foreign nations.
The GDP ranking reflects the image  of a country in the international market and create a sense of financial security which in turn helps  in promoting trades(imports ,exports) and the overall relations with other countries.

The following list represents the top 10 Economies in the world in Trillion dollars.

10. Canada Economic Value- 1.7 (Trillion dollars)

Canada is home to the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world which accounts for nearly one quarter of its export value. The second largest contribution comes from banking and the handling of real estate . A significant portion of the GDP is also derived from the health care industry and education, which both directly and indirectly improve the nations economy as well as productivity.

9. Italy Economic Value –1.9(Trillion dollars)

Much like its flag, Italy’s economy is separated into three distinct sections. The north, much like its Swiss neighbor relies primarily on heavy banking and financial clout to contribute to the massive economic value of the country in addition to a fast growing engineering sector. 
In contrast, the center of Italy is primarily a manufacturing hub which contributes parts to everything from aircraft to refrigerators 
The south is known for agricultural products, including nearly a quarter of the worlds wine. With a long standing membership within the World Trade Organization and OECD, Italy is sure to remain one of the biggest economies in the world, which is more than enough reason to raise a glass.

8. Brazil Economic Value – 1.9 (Trillion dollars)

Brazil’s trade is directly related in keeping others workers moving. Whether it’s the production and transport of oil or the distribution of sugar, soya and meat. Other major areas of the Brazilian economy include mining for iron and gold and the manufacture of  parts of automobile and farm equipment.Brazil also has a very healthy tourism and services sector which employs around two thirds of the total brazilian population.

7. India Economic Value – 2.5(Trillion dollars)

The country with the second largest population is also the fastest growing economy since the mid 1990’s. After deregulation of the economy, many sectors (most notably I.T. and software enterprises) have seen expansive growth as have research and education in these fields. Consistently through the history of India, agriculture has also played a massive role in the economy. Currently this country is the single largest producer of milk and has the second largest population of cattle worldwide. An industry of particular note in India is the pharmaceutical production sector, which is expected to double in size within the next four years to $55Billion, contributing greatly to the value of the country.

Since INDIAN economy is heavily dependent on cash, as only less than half the population uses banking system for monetary transactions, DEMONITISATION  has hit trade and consumption hard. With people scrambling for cash to pay for goods and services, the move is likely to take a big toll on the country's growth and output during the current fiscal. Consumption makes up for around 56% of India's GDP , hence, a drop in spending will pull down growth.
However this drag may just be short term but the log term benifits is set to outweigh current fall.
Demonitisation is set to bring the informal indian economy which may be calculated to more than 50% of the total business to formal sector.A rise in formal form of business is predicted  to bring in more revenue which in turn may give rise to the infastructural development,which again attracts Foreign direct investments.
Again the major economic reforms, the steps to bring ease of doing business and Prime Minister, Mr.Modi's initiatives like  make in india is sure to boost theINDIAN ECONOMY in the long run.Also Pm MOdi's dream to make indian economy to grow beyond 20 trillion dollars ,is very interresting as if it comes to reality it may create major shifts in the super power status of other leading nations like US.

6. France Economic Value – 2.5(Trillion dollars)

France is  known to be one of the top tourist destinations and one of the finest wine regions . France is a powerhouse of finance. Ranked 4th in total no. of fortune 500 companies within the country. Aerospace engineering and weapons development are  major industries in France which contributes to the defense of dozens of other nations like Pakistan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. 

5. United Kingdom Economic Value – 3 (Trillion dollars)

The Economy of the United Kingdom depends on  the unique economic climates of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Britain. The finance sector is fully dominated by London and Scotland provides access to the large oil reserves .Pharmaceutical Research and Development sector is spread across all four countries.  Airbus and Rolls Royce, who are among the largest jetliner and engine manufacturers, respectively are significant contributors to the unions economic value.

4. Germany Economic Value – 3.5 (Trillion dollars)

Thanks to  highly skilled labor, high quality products and innovation ,germany is looked with hope for most of the technological challenges making it the biggest economy of Europe. Engineering, hence is one of the biggest economic sectors of the country.Germany makes up for 90% of the worlds premium vehicles.It also places itself as the worlds fifth largest exporter of military technology. A major boost to the economy is also added by the worlds largest chemical engineering and manufacturing plant located  in Germany.

3. Japan Economic Value – 4.3(Trillion dollars)

 Hard work and dedication to career goals always pays right, and this seems true atleast for JAPAN .While JAPAN has a limited amount of natural resources ,Japan has been the seen to lead the world in emerging technologies. With over half of its total exports relating directly to computing and  transportation technologies, Japan is now a name for innovation and research. Japanese company Toyota nearly contributes to about 10% of the countries economic value. 

2. China Economic Value – 12(Trillion dollars)

China the single largest manufacturing economy in the world,with largest agritultural and distribution sectors each employing nearly 300 million individual makes the country economy large.China is an interesting case for a vast majority of profits are made by the public sector,and not by private firms

1. United States Economic Value –  19(Trillion dollars)

The United States economy is one of the most diversified,It has one of the largest number of small business enterprises.This can be creditted to the large force of technological entrepreneurs from around the world .The silicon valley as it is the magnet of young talents from around the world.Most of the largest earning e companies are based in United states.Companies like microsoft,facebook, intel etc are always the major contributors.The gambling heaven of las vegas and the studios of Hollyhood can also be creditted to the major building blocks in the countries rise as a economic super power.


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