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Top Ten Highest Earning Bollywood Movies

Bollywood is probably the largest producer of films worldwide. Every weeks there are many releases out of which only a few comes to our notice.Films with big budget and star casts,are promoted on every possible platform, be it by posters, through reality shows, as YouTube teaser out or through innovative ways like creating a new trend.

In recent times bollyhood has seen a host of films entering the prestigious 100 cr club. Although earlier this figure was thought a tough target, but with every passing year more and more films enter into this club. While some films have created their own records, others try to break them.

With these the films produced now start earning more and more giving confidence to producers to make films on different genres. Recently bollyhood is seen to go global with films like Ra-One ,KRISH and DHOOM.

Unlike that of Hollywood ,mood of viewers in India, cannot be predicted before the release.

The first ever film with  successful revenue earned was The MUGHAL-E-AZAM,then came the SHOLAY which went to be the biggest grosser,earning almost 3 times that of  MUGHAL-E-AZAM.

Then in 1994 HUM APKE HAI KAUN came and kept running in theatres for long time,becoming the first ever to cross 1 billion INR(100 cr). 

Below is a list of bollyhood hits which came to be the highest grossers of all time. 

1. PK

Made with a budget of 85 cr ,this film went to break all records.This masterpiece from Ameer khan ,still holds the record for highest earning bollyhood movie.

Gross earning: 792 cr( India: 489 cr+ Overseas: 303 cr). 

2. Dangal

Made on the life story of Mahaveer Singh Phogat,this film is currently at no. 2.This yet another masterpiece from Ameer Khan made on a modest of  budget of 70 crore,  , is all set to break  Ameer khans own record.

Gross- 683.18 crore,  (India: 499.64 cr + Overseas: 183.84 cr) 

3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Led by the stardom of the Bhaijaan of bollyhood ,Bajrangi Bhaijaan,become the first Bollywood film of 2015 to cross ₹300 crore with its net collection at the domestic box office. It took just 9 days to earn ₹200 crore from domestic box office run .Till date the film stands at no. 3 in terms of earning.

 Gross: 626 c, (India: 433 cr+ Overseas: 193 c)

 4. Sultan

Based on the story of  Sultan Ali Khan, a fictional wrestling champion from Haryana whose successful career creates a rift in his personal life,the film recently received applause from all sections and also helped reopening of many akhadas which were closed ,because people  no longer had craze for old styles of sand wrestling.Made with a budget of 70 cr ,the film did exceptionally well at all corners of India.

Gross- 589 cr, (India: 420.65 cr + Overseas: 168 cr)

5. Dhoom 3: Back in Action

 Another work from the Mr Perfectionist ,DHOOM 3,became the highest grossing Bollywood film in India and around the world by collecting over 533 cr (US$85 million) worldwide in just two weeks.

It also became the first film to cross 500cr.Made on a budget of 15o cr,these film did went to make some serious profits.

Gross- 542c,    (  India: 372cr +  Overseas: 170cr)

6.Chennai Express

The first film by Sharukh ,to make place in the list was the film which created a lot of buzz in the B-town.The famous Lungi dance made many people dance to the tune.The funny dialogues from both Sharukh and Deepika tickled us a lot. Also the action scenes by  Rohit Sethhy,did some magic. Made on  the budget of 75cr, these film Introduced first Sharukh's starrer to the top ten club.

Gross- 422cr( India: 301cr+Overseas: 121cr)

7. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Another piece of work from Salman, based on the story of a fictional character Prem who happens to be a face alike of a Rajasthani prince.This film created a lot of buzz before being released.The title song still rules the rural parts of india.Made on a budget of  80 cr,the film currently sits at number 7.

Gross- 399cr ( India: 305cr + Overseas: 93.70cr)

8.3 Idiots

Made on a modest budget of 35 crores ,the film  raised up the faults in our educational system.The character of Viru Shahastra Budhi or VIRUS played by Boman Irani was also an admirable one.The film sticks to our heart,even though it failed to remain at the top for long time.

Gross- 395cr (India: 269cr + Overseas: 126cr)

9. Happy New Year

Directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan, Happy New Year  became the 9th Highest grossing worldwide Bollywood movies and collected around INR 383 crore With lots of star performers and funny dialogues,these film made our Diwali and New Year truly a Happy one.

Gross- 385 cr,( India: 295cr + Overseas: 90cr)

10. Dilwale (2015)

Diected by Rohit Setthy the 100 cr film was starred by the famous duo of  Sharukh and Kajol .The duo did create some magic as the film earned some fair amounts which placed the film in the top ten list.

 Gross- 381 cr,( India: 213cr + Overseas: 168.58cr)

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