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Top Ten Military Powers of the World. 2017

Every country,no matter how big or small it is maintains a force who are responsible for the country's  defences.The state police looks after internal security and make sure law and order is in place .While the army keeps the land safe from outside forces like foreign intruders,enemy nations plot etc and help keep the country's integrity in place.

To be able to keep the defence instalment in proper functioning a large amount is allocated in every countries defense budget.These fund is used to keep the forces rolling ,pays for the military equipments and also caters the reserve fund that most of the time goes secret military research programmes.

Here we are going to list the top ten military powers in the world.These rankings are made based on different criterias like defence budget,no. of air borne vehicles,fighter jets,naval ships,submarines, active military personels etc.


  Canada with a defense budget of 18.6 billion Canadian dollars is one of the strongest countries in the world . It has more than 400 aircraft and nearly 180 tanks.  Canada also has 63 navy warships making it one of the most powerful countries in the world.With nearly 1,50,000 active personel and another 
4,50,000 reaching military age annually CANADA makes  it to number  10 in the list.

Japan is one  country in the world that has faced horrors of war that are beyond words. Probably there is no other country other than japan which have rose up from these disasters and  showed how powerful  it is. With its excellence in technology japan has made itself in a respectful place in the global arena. Inspite of Tsunami and earthquakes ( up to 9.0 Richter scale) Japan developed its technology in a way to overcome this natural disasters. Today Japanese companies are leading in 

the sectors of automobiles, video gaming, animation and innovative military grade technology.With a annual defence budget of  40,300,000,000$ japan is one of the greatest military power.Japan has a total of around 680 tanks,1600 aircrafts and 130 naval ships.With these to prove its might JAPAN makes up at number 9.

Israel is considered as one of the strongest countries in the world. Israel’s Intelligence agency Mossad is considered one of the top most secret agencies in the world. Israel isolates itself when it comes to weapon transparency which makes  it difficult to predict its actual might. Israel is believed to have some of the most advanced weapons systems and technology.With its mastery in guns and UAV section Israel as a name that is often looked for.Israel has a total active personel of 790,000 japan has one of the largest army in the worlds.The total no. of aircrafts is  at 681 ,but this may just be a figure known to world while actual count may go way beyond the figure.The total no. of tanks and naval ships are 4170 and 65 respectively. With a annual defence budget of 15,600,000,000$ JAPAN makes up at  number 8.

France has been among the most powerful countries in the world since World War 1. 
French are known for their ability to strike back.The intolerance to terrorism in any form really puts this country apart from others .France has defense budget of $58 billion for 2016-17.With a 

total active personel of over 400,000 along with another 775,000 reaching military age annually ,this country has been one of the most power full nation for a long time.Total number of aircrafts france has is numbered at 1350. With over 430 tanks and 118 naval ships japan makes up at number 7.

With a past that proves the military might of the country under nazi Hitler, Germans probably have the capacity to make it to the list.Germany is a champion in armed combats and military drills. Germany has a defense budget of nearly $43 billion. With a total active personels of 3,25,000 and around 925 aircraft ,408 tanks  and navy strength of around 80 ,Germany gets a place at number 6


The country that ruled the whole world ,United Kingdom has one of the strongest military in the force. British Intelligence MI6 is one of the most powerful secret agencies in the world with its secret agents involved in many world affairs.United Kingdom has annual budget of defense around $58 Billion. With  330,000 active personels and 750,000 reaching military age annually UK makes it top top 5.It owns 1400 plus aircrafts ,over 400 tanks and has navy warships around 77.All these and a puts up UK at number 5.


In a short span of 70 plus years after gaining indepndence,India became one of the strongest countries in the world. Although, India is still a developing country but it has a strong impact in all world affairs. Except Pakistan and China, India has good relations with every other country on the planet. In fact developed world countries like Russia, United States and France consider India to be its most important ally. Recently after the Modi government came in ,relations with neighbouring nations  too ,grew deeper and better.
India’s defense budget of 2016 is $53 billion. It has around 2000 aircraft and nearly 170 navy warships.With over 3,400,000 active personel and around  a massive population of 22,900,000 reaching military age annually,India is a serious contender in the list.It has around 2000 aircraft,7000 tanks and nearly 250 navy warships.The two aircraft carriers one being still active,INDIA is ranked at number 4.


China is the most populous country in the world and also undoubtedly one of the most powerful countries in the world. Whie it is considered to become the next superpower by 2050. China plays a very important role in world’s economy.China ranks second in military budget as the country spends nearly $215 billion in defense almost 5 times to that of its neighbour,INDIA.
With over 4,600,000 active personel it is has the largest army in the world.While over 19,550,000 reaching  military age the figure looks staggering.
However comparing the population vreaching military age annually, china seems to lag behing India and as a matter of fact,India may in near future take over china , atleast in its army size.
China has around 3000 aircrafts ,10000 tanks and around 700 naval vessels along with an aircraft carrier indegineously built.With lots of firepower to boast of CHINA is placed at number 3.


Russia after the breaking down of the former USSR  has lost some of its firepower,but still it manages to remain at the top line.With over 3,300,000 active personel and 1,300,000 reaching military age annually Russian army is a sizable one .But the fire power of the country cant be measured alone with its headcount but the list of advanced weapon systems and large fleet of ,armoured vehicles,aircraft carriers,naval strength and the fleet of most advanced missile systems in the world .
The number of tanks is numbered at almost 16,000 while the numbers of aircrafts is around 3600.The total naval strength is at 350.With one of the most advance fleet in the world and massive fire power ,Russia is set to be at number 2 for atleat a decade.

1.United States.

UNITED STATES like RUSSIA do not have a firepower power by its army size but by its advance  weapon sytems fleets .After the world war america emerged to be one of the greatest super powers of the world.It currently has most of the advanced weapons manufacturing and research facilities.Infact sales of weapons systems to smaller countries makes up for  large proportion of its GDP.It is also believed to host a fleet of alien technologies .
Currently US armies headcount is at 2,500,000  catered by almost 581,000,000,000$.US army is considered to be the most advanced in the world.It also has a host of the strongest commando forces, the Marine corps.
With over 9000 tanks ,13500 aircrafts and 450 naval vessels  UNITED STATES ARMY is rightly placed as the world leader in terms of global fire power.

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